Monday, March 03, 2014

Ravellenic Games Medal Ceremony

Behold Rainbow Construction Educational Funtimes Hedgie  He turned out fabulous. I'm so pleased with this project.  You can see the short row sections on the back.  So educational, so fun, so colorful.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ravellenic Games

Time Machine time.

Venture back with to 2006.  The Yarn Harlot had a vision. A vision of a Knitting Olympics to coincide with the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Tracy was still alive. 

I knit her Shedir.

I miss Tracy.  I miss her so very, very much.

Fast forward to 2008 I knitted a pair of Monkey Socks. Ravely started the Ravelympics . Yarn Harlot did not host a Knitting Olympics since it was the Summer Olympics.  Decent pair of socks. I'm not much of a sock knitter but I completed the challenge. I knitted for Team Mine, Team, Ohio, Team Obama, and Team Tardis.

Onward to 2010.  I knit a pair of Twilight Mitts.  I even won a skein of yarn from The Yarn Harlot's stash in that Knitting Olympics.  I still have the yarn. It has a place of honor in my stash. Someday I'll knit with that yarn but not now. I also participated in the Ravelympics. At this point the Ravelympics had grown in size and complexity.  I knit for teamgk2.

Has it only been two years since 2012 when I knit Three Ravellenic Hedgies? Summer again.  Participated on Ravelry.  I knitted for TeamG2K2012.

Each year I challenged but did not seek to overextend myself.  I've enjoyed the games.

Time Machine back to Present Day!

WTeverlastingF is going on over on Ravelry?  Casey continues to have to deal with non code monkey related drama.  The man is a saint.  

I'm not going to even pretend I have any idea of what went down behind the scenes for this year's Ravellenic Games group to become the Formerly Ravellenic Games group, as of 1/10/2014.  I've been following along in the Sherlock group.   Even before this latest event I knew I'd be participating in the Sherlock group created RAINBOWLLENICS CHALLENGE.   I don't know what I'm knitting exactly yet but I know I'm knitting something Rainbow.  It's going to be stash Palette or I might go wild and buy some Bernat Mosaic in the Rainbow colorway.  We shall see.

No matter what happens with the mechanics of the Ravelry group I'm knitting for the Rainbowllenics Challenge.  Personally I'd like to see the rules relaxed for the Ravellenic Games and go back to something more akin to Yarn Harlot's first games. Fewer rules for events and basically following Wheaton's Law, Don't be a dick.  Again, we shall see.

In the meantime I have my next knitting project to arrange. I'm between projects.  (gasp) I have a blog to ignore. Oy!  Most importantly I have a family to love.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank You 2012

Time for my 2012 Knitting Year in Review!  This is the time that I look back on my FO's and look forward to the next year.

Here we go!

Cowls  5, I'm counting Dad's Knightly hat/cowl combo as a cowl.

Hats  7

Shawls/Scarves  10, four were those ruffle yarn scarves, four were Stephen West designs and 2 were lace.

Albers Square Project  this is ongoing.  First four squares!  The must recent one was a bit screwed up color wise but it's still a usable square.  Will reknit it when I'm ready.

Feet thigns 2  First pair of socks in nearly two years and one pair of baby booties.

One non Hedgie Toy.  Set of three Grumpy Lumps Coal.  Counting as one.

Dishcloths 15 I love a good dishcloth.

Illusion Knitting 2  Sort of like big dishcloths.  Mockingjay pattern.

Sweaters  2  Both cotton summer sweaters.

Hedgies FVIE!  Back to the Hedgie Love.  Four were gifted, one had fun fur melty felty issues.  Love the Hedgies.

I total 53 FO's for 2012!  Lower number then previous years but no worries.  I continued to enjoy my knitting.  I participated in 3 mystery KAL's.  One Stephen West's Rockefeller, a lace shawl and a Mystery Sock.  Then I completed 4 projects in Stephen West's ChoreoKnit KAL.

Today I cast on my Birthday Malabrigo Rasta for a seed stitch Mobius Cowl.  I followed Cat Bordhi's Mobius Cast on.

The cast on is ingenious and the yarn is a soft fluffy dream!  I'm knitting with Grandma J's size 15 old school Addi Turbos.  Love!  Only cat on 45 so it's going to be a bit on the snug side, but no worries.  Going to do Jenny's SSBO in purl for the bind off.

I don't really have any resolutions for 2013 other to enjoy life and knitting.  I'm grateful for my many blessings.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hello dear neglected blog o mine.  I heard that Blogger had a new post interface and wanted to check things out for myself.  So far I'm not seeing that many differences.  Granted it's been months since my last post.

How about a quick and dirty knitting update?  I've knitted a few Hedgies, three for the Ravellenic Games.  How about that d-bag US Olympic Committee.  I get having to defend the copyright but did you have to be jerks about it?  I know, old news.

I'm currently knitting a cotton cardigan Vodka Lemonade.  I'm in the final long slow slog part before I pick up the sleeves.

So many things to knit. Only so much time and very little blogging.

While I'm here I'll post my Pinterest account.  Now there is a time suck. So much fun.  So many pretty pictures and fun ideas and tasty treats.  I'd put it in the sidebar if I could remember how. Oy.

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Flurries Cowl

Greetings!  Thanks to a heads up from my Knit Knite Bud Kristie I'm participating in the Feministy The Great Cowl KAL.

I'm stashdiving for this KAL.  Check out this Grandma J Stash ball of old school Bernat 50/50.  It's a wool acrylic blend sport weight.  It has a nice feel to it, soft but not squeaky at all.  I love that I could find a small project for this yarn. I even had a bit left over to keep in the stash.

Here's the completed cowl.  (Ravelry project page)  The kids and I raided my button stash for buttons. They are a bit too big, but I was honestly not planning on doing the suggested eight buttons.  It's a fun little cowl.  This was my first even remotely successful attempt at Brioche stitch.  

There is still time to head on over to to knit up a Flurries Cowl by 2/8/2012 8PM CST to receive the next pattern in the KAL for free.  The next pattern is A Very Good Cowl Indeed.  Looking forward to it.

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What have you done for color today?

I heard the tail end of an interview with Rosamond Bernier on NPR's Morning Edition while dropping H off at preschool this morning.  

What stuck in my brain and refused to leave was a suggestion by Henri Matisse to Bernier.  "What have you done for color today?"  He then suggested that she wear a yellow scarf with her orange coat.  

This got me thinking about color as I dropped off H to his classroom and headed home.  I knew I had to chew on this a bit.  

I thought about my personal use of color.  I wear predominantly solid colored clothing, lots of black and dark muted tones.  I wear very few prints, especially below the waist.  I view my wardrobe as a bit of a blank slate for more colorful accessories.  Most of my accessories are knitted.  

For example all three of my current winter coats are black.  The reasoning behind this is that I can wear any color hat/scarf and it will go with my coat.  My scarf or shawl serves as the focal point.  I'd prefer a shelf full of colorful hand knit scarves and one black coat to a closet full of colorful coats.  

I got to thinking about my use of color in knitting.  I have my favorite colors,  Pink of course, and purple, and red and blue, and yes some gray/black.  I prefer to knit with color.  Part of this is practical. The thought of knitting black socks in fingering weight yarn on 1's makes my head hurt, I would struggle to see the stitches.  Same for lace.  I've knitted a few darker toned shawls and brighter colors are so much easier to see.

But what have I done for color today?  For one I'm wearing a necklace. It started yesterday when I got dressed. I'd gone through my rather small, yet fabulous, jewelry collection over the weekend and decided I would wear a necklace, or some sort of out of my norm accessory each day this week.  Yesterday was my heart shaped 'Forever' Surly Ramic necklace. Today is a purple/silver necklace and earrings set my sister gave me for Christmas a few years back.  The kids are older and no longer yanking on my necklaces. I'm making a conscious effort to accessorize, to add a bit of color to my everyday wardrobe choices.

I've been wearing my knitted shawls out and about more.  Never underestimate the power of a good shawl pin.  I have one two piece pin and one stick pin and they give me so many more options for wearing my shawls.  I love the added warmth, the texture and the color the shawls bring. I suppose it helps that it's currently winter in Ohio.  It's cold and dark and dank.  

This all brings me back to my current WIP.  After attempting to start the Whispi Cardi, again, I cast on Percy. (Ravelry Link)  I'm using Knit Pick's Gloss Lace in Kiss on my size 4 Addi's   I'm five repeats in on Chart A.  The plan is to double the Chart A repeats to eight to make the shawl a bit bigger.  Chart C will most liklely be knitted in Knit Picks Shimmer Lip Gloss, it's variegated.  I'm saving my Alpaca Cloud in Peppermint for a little neck scarf type thing, have not decided on the pattern.  I'm thrilled to be knitting lace again. It's even in a fun hot pink.  

So yes I'm contributing a bit of color to the world today.

Happy knitting.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Year in Review

Well Hello neglected Knitting Blog. I'm knitting, and reading and currently doing a ton of laundry.

Ok, I'm in between knitting projects at the very moment. I'm thinking of knitting a Whisper Cardigan in some Knit Picks laceweight but have not cast on yet.

Here is the 2011 year in review. Overall this was a good year for knitting. I was not as prolific as previous years. Here's the roundup of finished objects.

21 Dishcloths I knitted a dishcloth or two between most of my larger projects. It was a great way to take a bit of a break yet still feel productive. I gifted them every now and then over the year.

3 Sweaters I knitted Foliage Wrap, great design, wonderful sweater, my pictures of it are terrible. I have a new camera, yay! Nothing fancy, point and shoot for me, but it's green and it does not have battery issues like my old camera. Should take a new pic of the Foliage Wrap. Then I knitted Tarte, it turned out ok but not great.

Then there was Rambling Rose. Two and a half months of knitting, pretty much monogamous. It was a bit of a beast but I feel that I kicked up my intarsia skill set and I have a nice finished cardigan to show for my effort and time.

16 hats Love hats, love Stephen West hats.

1 Giant Harry Potter Illusion knit. Fabulous pattern, great yarn choice. Great FO.

2 pair of Duffers. fun little pattern.

2 Shawls

2 Cowls After the 2010 Cowl a thon I feel like I knit no cowls

2 stuffed toys, not hedgies

5 Hedgies After a nearly year long Hedgie drought I knit up five. I love this pattern.

1 Tissue cover for D's new office cube.

Sixty projects in total. Not a bad year. Would like to be a bit more focused this year. Who knows. Knitting is for fun for me not a job.

I have a list of goals for 2012 Knitting.


Try out new yarns

Learn the Mobius cast on

Hedgies = Happy, more Hedgies in 2012

Socks? Not really missing sock knitting. We shall see.

Basically I want to keep knitting, keep trying out new to me yarn and learning new techniques. That and continue to have fun knitting socially with my Knit Knite crew.

Happy Knitting!